Dr. Thomas ORLIAC

Resume 2018

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Last update: February 2019, the 14th

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Professional Experience

01/2017 - Present : Independant consultant - Economist and Trade Facilitation Expert

Thomas Orliac Conseil Montreal, QC (Canada)
London (England)
Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
Dakar (Senegal)

Independant consultant, self employed

  • Provide expertise on economic, customs, transport and trade facilitation projects
  • Elaboration of Communication plan and Change Management strategy
  • Participate to conferences on transport and trade facilitation issues
  • Technical Assistance Projects (including USAID funding projects)
  • Implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement


  • Contributing to deliverables (process mapping, priority matrix, action plan, diagnostic, progress and final reports, Follow-up and presentation to the client including high-level institutional, political and economic representatives
  • Managing working sessions and trainings
  • Assessing Customs/Port processes and governance
  • Elaboration of Managerial and Technical structures, Monitoring tools and Materials (Guides…)
  • Developing Communication plans (internal / external) and Change management strategy
  • Providing consulting to involved stakeholders (workshops) and conducting needs assessment surveys
  • Review of trade facilitation developments and needs in key UK trade partners (evaluation of best aid for trade options following Brexit, building of trade facilitation indicators, impact analysis, theory of change)

Technical Assistance projects: Design and implement an Authorized Economic Operator program in Senegal (Nathan Associates, USAID LPFM II Project); AEO seminars to raise public awareness and AEO workshops to train audit team in Côte d’Ivoire (Nathan Associates, USAID LPFM II Project) ; Implement the Cote d’Ivoire Enquiry Point within the Trade Facilitation Agreement (Nathan Associates, USAID LPFM II Project)

Ongoing Project: Provision of Strategic and Economic Case for Trade Facilitation and Border Management (IMC Worldwide, The Foreign & Commonwealth Office)


05/2015 - 06/2016 : Senior Consultant - Transport Economist

Canadian Pacific Consulting Services (CPCS) Montreal, QC (Canada)

Senior Consultant and leader of CPCS activities in Quebec.

  • Lead the CPCS’s office in Montreal, QC
  • Develop CPCS’s business in the Quebec market
  • Support North American Division projects and business development activities
  • Assist CPCS’s Francophone West Africa Division and business development needs around the world
  • Provide expertise on economic, transport and Customs projects


  • Opening an office in Montreal (strategy, budget, legal issues, location, services…)
  • Developing a business plan for the Quebec market and acting as a Business Development Officer
  • Participating to conferences on transport issues (panelist) and Networking events
  • Drafting proposals (budget, methodology, schedule)
  • Contributing to deliverables (economic and financial analysis, progress and final reports, action plan)
  • Follow-up and presentation to the client
  • Data management of large datasets

Providing opportunity and feasibility studies, socio-economic impact analysis, business plan, strategic planning for various clients in Quebec (Ports, Maritime sectors, Government) and in Africa (transport master plan in Botswana)


03/2014 - 05/2015 : Consulting & Trade Facilitation Expert

Deloitte Consulting (Paris) Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Accra, Ghana
Pointe Noire, Congo
Paris, France

Consultant and Expert for Deloitte, West Africa Division.

  • Manage technical assistance projects and act as Customs and trade facilitation expert
  • Establish productive relationships with senior government officials and the business community
  • Evaluate, analyze and structure development needs
  • Promote adoption of the change management
  • Contribute to strategy and communication plan
  • Conduct assessments, data collection, analysis and synthesis


  • Act as expert in the follwing areas: Trade Facilitation / Customs / Performance / Risk Analysis
  • Drafting proposal (budget, methodology, schedule)
  • Participating to deliverables (process mapping, priority matrix, action plan, diagnostic and progress reports…)
  • Steering Committee presentations with high-level institutional, political and economic representatives
  • Managing working sessions, the projects and the team with 75% of my work on the field (West Africa)

Technical Assistance projects: Design and implement a pilot Authorized Economic Operator program in Ghana and a AEO Mutual Recognition Agreement with Ivory Coast; Improve Customs/Port process methodology and management tools (Ivory Coast); Action plan to improve port crossing at the port of Pointe Noire (Congo); Develop the Intelligence Bureau and enhance the information processing cycle (Ivory Coast)


10/2014 - 02/2015 : Consultant -Performance and Risk Analysis Expert [Mission]

Deloitte Consulting (Paris) Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Consultant from Deloitte for a World Bank project in Ivory Coast.

  • Review monitoring procedures of Ivory Coast Customs Directorates, including the port
  • Provide performance indicators and scoreboards at various hierarchical levels
  • Train 120 officers to use a new monitoring database on Customs performance
  • Enhance the information processing cycle


  • Assessing Customs/port processes and governance, and the local economic environment
  • Organisation of trainings and materials on performance measurement, intelligence techniques and risk analysis
  • Elaboration of monitoring tools (Performance Indicators, Human Resource Management System)
  • Communication plans (internal / external) and Change management strategy
  • Working-out IT specifications for Customs Performance and Risk Analysis
  • Development of a regulatory framework mapping the Intelligence Services
  • Providing consulting to involved stakeholders (workshops) and conducting needs assessment surveys


08/2014 - 09/2014 : Consultant - Stata Expert

Private contractor Geneva, Switzerland

  • Build databases designed for gravity models
  • Perform gravity regressions by using Stata (a statistical software)
  • Replicate a paper and extend it by using the most advanced knowledge


  • Development of extensive databases
  • Delivering Stata .do files to replicate the paper, its tables and figures
  • Providing solutions to improve the results including fixed effects and up-to-date estimation techniques


03/2014 - 07/2014 : Consultant - Senior Customs Expert [Mission]

Deloitte Consulting (Paris) Accra, Ghana

Consultant from Deloitte for a World Bank project in Ghana.

  • To design and implement a pilot Authorized Economic Operator program in Ghana
  • To provide a technical assistance to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA)
  • To develop synergies between Ghana and Ivory Coast for a future Mutual recognition Agreement


  • Assessment of the GRA Customs division and Customs processes
  • Development of managerial and technical structures
  • Development of the application process (Self-Assessment Questionnaire, Application form, Timeline, Eligibility criteria, Benefits granted by the status) and guidelines
  • Recommendations to implement the AEO status (Action plan and a Master Communication Plan)
  • Recommendations to design AEO modules in the information system
  • Involvement of the Private sector and selection of pilot companies
  • Recommendations for monitoring the AEO benefits (Performance indicators)


2012 - 2013 : Trade Facilitation Manager

Directorate General of Customs and Indirect Taxes Paris, France

Project Manager on trade facilitation issues, working with the deputy General Director in charge of foreign trade and the chief of the Internal audit and management control unit (organisation chart).

  • To ensure France’s attractiveness and Customs compliance
  • To provide recommendations to reduce supply chain delays and costs
  • To promote the perception of French Customs (for Customs staffs and traders)
  • To support the project “Customs 2018” with the deputy General Director in charge of foreign trade
  • Monitoring of Customs performance with the Internal Audit and Management Control Unit
  • Management of international conferences


  • France’s competitiveness rankings improved
  • Traders joined working groups on trading at the border issues
  • Customs procedures, traders’ processes and information systems have been reviewed and improved 
  • New partnerships have been implemented with local operators and international institutions (chair at the university, think tank and network of experts)
  • Awareness actions have improved the “trade facilitation spirit” of Customs officers


  • Processes Analysis (Business Process Models and data analysis)
  • Strategic planning (Reports, Policy briefs and recommendations)
  • Projects management
  • Cross-Directorate cooperation
  • Giving Presentations and public speaking (high level)
  • Communication, Persuading and Lobbying
  • Performance measurement (monitoring, dashboard and key indicators)
  • Cross-border issues (French Customs Procedures, Trade costs, Port Community Systems)
  • Multi-tasks


2006 - 2011 : Research in Economics (PhD)

Sciences-Po (Lab : Groupe d'Economie Mondiale) Paris, France

PhD Thesis on “the economics of trade facilitation”, under the supervision of Patrick Messerlin.
Defended the 1st February 2012, jury: Hildegunn Nordas, Richard Pomfret and Thierry Mayer (presidency). Additional information within the Publications window.

Abstract and full Thesis Dissertation (in english).


  • Long term project management
  • Research (empirical and theorical): analyses issues, identifies resources, gathers information, create ideas, coordinates tasks, time management abilities
  • Giving presentations and Teaching skills
  • International team working
  • Proficient in Office 2010 and several technical softwares (Stata, LateX...)

Research areas:

International trade, cross-border issues, Customs, maritime transport, gravity models, econometry


2007 - 2010 : Trade Policy Analyst

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Paris, France

Trade Policy Analyst in the Trade and Agriculture Directorate, with the Trade in Services division.

  • To explore trade facilitation issues in OECD countries and to measure impacts on trade costs
  • To build a composite indicator: the Trade Facilitation Index (TFI)
  • Working Paper and dedicated website (OECD)
  • Meta-evaluation of the way aid agencies evaluate and assess their trade-related operations: recommendations on a harmonized methodology (check the Publication)


  • Performance indicators (composite indicators, Principal composant analysis)
  • Cross-border issues (OECD Customs procedures and regulations, trade costs, WTO negociations)
  • Aid for trade policy (impact assessment)
  • State of the art of trade facilitation knowledges and international network of related researchers
  • Development of technical skills (Impact analysis, data analysis, Gravity models)
  • Development of computer skills (Stata, Excel)
  • Short term projects management (respect of deadlines)
  • Working in a multicultural environment (31 nationalities but english as working language)
  • Presentations and Diplomacy


2006 - 2009 : Teacher (Master et Bachelor)

Université Paris I Panthéon - La Sorbonne
Paris, France

Teacher for Master and Bachelor classes, at the university of Paris 1 Panthéon - La Sorbonne and Sciences-Po Paris (Paris Institute of Political Studies). Supports are available in the following window: enseignements (in french).

  • Lecturer in international trade, at Sciences-Po Paris
  • Teaching assistant for Master program in Fundamental Economics theory, at Sciences-Po Paris
  • Teaching assistant for undergraduate program in National Accountability, at Paris I - La Sorbonne


  • Giving presentations
  • Public speaking
  • Good communication and Inspire confidence
  • Group management (up to 120 students)


2007 - 2008 : Research assistant

MBA Sciences-Po Paris, France

To study inflation and relative price dispersion with the Director of the MBA of Sciences-Po


2007 : Consultant and Speech adviser

Korean Center of Foreign Trade and Investment (KOTRA) Paris, France

To write speeches in French, prepare daily press reviews, give French lessons and presentations of the French economy to Mr. Choi Jin Gye, General Director of KOTRA Paris.


  • Teaching skills
  • Write clearly and concisely


2007 : Research Library assistant

Sciences-Po (Research Library) Paris, France


2003 : Assistant of the Director (Internship)

FEI at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Paris, France

Assistant of the Director of Public expertise and internship in different departments at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with France Expertise International. FEI provides supports to public and private operators in missions of international cooperation.

  • Creation of a database
  • Prospecting and Business Intelligence
  • Creation of a website


2002 : Summer job (multi-tasks)

Trade agency called "l'Européenne" Vannes, France

Web Design, Informatics optimization, Accounting, Marketing and Delivery




Economic Analysis : Excellent Research skills
Strategic Analysis : Strategic planning, Impact studies, Recommendations
Cross-borders and Customs issues : regulations, costs, delays, processes, technologies
Performance measurement : Indicators, Monitoring, Business Process Analysis
Project management : Long/short term, cooperation
Good communication : Diplomacy, Giving presentations, public speaking, Teaching skills

Computer skills

Data Analysis / Models : Stata 11, Eviews 7, SPSS, Excel
Writing / Presentations : LateX, Microsoft Office (toutes distributions), Open Office
Coworking : Vision, Sharepoint
Design / Web : Adobe CS6

Soft skills

Positive attitude
Autonomous and team player
Time management abilities
Accept responsabilities


French (Native Language, C2)
English (Working Knowledge, B2/C1)
German (notions)
Chinese (notions)


Sciences-Po Paris (Paris Institute of Political Studies)

PhD in Economics 2012
The Economics of Trade Facilitation (download pdf, 10 Mo)
Supervision : Pr. Patrick Messerlin, Precidency of the Jury : Pr. Thierry Mayer
Master in International Relations 2005
Speciality in International Trade  


University Paris I, Panthéon - La Sorbonne

Master in Macroeconomics 2004
Research Master (5th year)  


University Paris IX, Dauphine

Bachelor en Economie Appliquée 2003
Maîtrise d'Economie Appliquée
Licence d'Economie Appliquée


University of Bretagne Sud

DEUG in Economy and Accounting 2001



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Mobile Phone:
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France (only voice mail): 33 (6) 52 33 66 89